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How to See Every Comment You Made on Instagram?

How to see every comment you made on Instagram? There are ways to do this on iOS and Android. First, you have to log in to Instagram. The app is purple, pink, and orange and looks like a white camera. Log in with your username, email address, and password. Once you have logged in, open the comment folder. You will see a list of all the comments made on your Instagram profile. The file will not point to the post where you made the comment.

Next, open Instagram on your computer. Select a user and click “follow” or “followers.” Type in the username you want to find the comments. Repeat this process for each follower. This is a time-consuming process, so it may take a little while. However, if you don’t mind waiting a couple of minutes, it’s worth it. You can even download the comments of every single person in your following list.

Can You View Instagram Comments on Desktop?

Can You View Instagram comments on desktop? is a frequently asked question on the social networking website. But the answer is actually quite simple. You just need to know how to access it. There are a couple of steps to follow. First of all, make sure to follow the person who has been posting. This will help you access their comments easily. After that, you need to switch on your network connection and log into your Instagram account.

If you are using your laptop, you can use the Windows/Mac finder. In Windows/Mac, you can use the ctrl+f key to find a particular comment. After that, just enter the username of the person or keyword you want to search for. In addition, you can use a professional keyboard to reply to comments more quickly. You can also download a PDF file of your Instagram comments.

How Do You Scroll on Instagram Comments on PC?

When you’re browsing photos or comments in Instagram on a PC, you might want to know how to scroll on the site. Unlike mobile devices, which let you swipe from right to left, desktop computers only allow you to scroll in one direction. You can scroll using your mouse or touch keypad. The same principles apply when you’re using an iPhone or Android device. If you have a Windows computer, you can scroll by using the mouse scroll wheel.

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Once you’ve learned how to swipe in the mobile app, you can do the same on your PC. The swipe left feature is similar to Snapchat’s stories. On the PC, you’ll find two arrow-like icons on each picture. Clicking these icons will scroll through the images. You can also use the arrow keys to scroll on Instagram posts. But, you’ll need to install the Instagram app on your PC.

Can I See All My Comments on Instagram?

There is a feature on Instagram that allows you to view comments left by your followers. However, you can’t see all of them. This can make your account inaccessible to others. To fix this issue, you must first find out how to open your account’s data file. Once you have downloaded the file, you can use the search bar to find the comments you’ve left. You should also check your network coverage.

While it’s impossible to see all your comments on Instagram, you can restrict them. By default, Instagram will block users who use offensive language. However, you can manually delete them. Alternatively, you can disable commenting altogether. To do this, go to your Settings and select Privacy. If you’d rather not see your comments, then go to Settings > General. You can also set privacy preferences for your profile.

Who Can See Hidden Comments on Instagram?

If you are worried about someone seeing offensive comments on your Instagram posts, you can use the advanced comment filtering function to hide offensive words and phrases. By default, this function is off, but you can turn it on. This feature will hide any comment that contains the words or phrases you have pre-approved as inappropriate. Once you have set up this filter, you can manage hidden comment requests directly in the Instagram app. If you wish to see a comment that is hidden from other Instagram users, you can manually unhide it.

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If you are worried about being able to see the comments on your Instagram posts, the best way to solve this problem is to check your internet connection. If your internet connection is not strong, you can switch to mobile data or wifi to avoid the delays. You can also check whether the account you’re following has hidden comments from other users. The account owner may have hidden certain words or hidden certain comments to prevent people from spreading spam or abusive comments. If you are not able to see these comments, you can try restarting your Instagram app and see if this fixes the problem.

How Do You Search People’s Comments on Instagram?

If you have an account on Instagram and are wondering how to search people’s comments, the good news is that you can do so. There are several ways to do this, including searching by email address or username. To search by username, you can use the comma after “Instagram,” a shortcut you can find using the desktop keyboard. If you’re trying to find a specific user’s comments, you will have to load up a lot of data.

While the activity tab used to display comments, it doesn’t show the specific post or comment. Instead, it shows you the user’s username and date of liking the post. Fortunately, this feature has been discontinued by Instagram due to privacy issues. Using the search feature in your browser will allow you to quickly search through people’s comments. Alternatively, you can do a keyword search in the Instagram desktop app.

How Do I Manage Comments on Instagram?

If you’re wondering how to see every comment you’ve made on Instagram, you’re not alone. The social media platform doesn’t offer any native way to do so, but there are some steps you can take to see all the comments you’ve made. Instagram lets you download all of your data, including comments, past messages, and settings. This data also includes photos, videos, and archived Stories.

One method to view all comments you’ve made on Instagram is to sign into your account and go to your settings. Using the search bar on Instagram, you can narrow down the results to specific hashtags. You can also enter keywords and filter out the comments you’ve made by date. If you’re unsure about what the search bar will show, you can try a free trial of NapoleonCat. You’ll be able to see every comment you’ve made on Instagram within 14 days.

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Once you’re logged in, open the web interface of the social media site on your computer. Press Ctrl+F to open the search bar. Type the username of the person whose comment you’d like to search for. Repeat this process for each follower. There are also keyboard shortcuts that let you search comments. After using this method, you’ll be able to search through all of the comments you’ve made on any given post.

How Do I View Instagram Comments on Hootsuite?

There are several ways to see Instagram comments on your Hootsuite dashboard. If you use the My Posts feature, you can add your Instagram feed in reverse chronological order to your dashboard. Once there, you can click the speech bubble icon at the bottom of any post to view the comments. Unfortunately, Hootsuite does not offer a built-in reply button or a way to delete comments.

To get started with Hootsuite, you must first authorize the service to access your Instagram account. Next, you need to choose which account you want to connect. Then, click “Add Social Networks” and choose Instagram. Once connected, you need to authorize Hootsuite to post on Instagram. You should be able to do this through your Hootsuite dashboard once you’ve given permission.

You can use Hootsuite to view Instagram comments by clicking “Instagram” in the list of apps. Once you’ve added your Instagram account, you can add your other Instagram accounts to your Hootsuite account. Then, simply select “Instagram” in the left-hand pane, and follow the instructions provided. This feature allows you to monitor multiple Instagram accounts at once.

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