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How To Remove Default Apps From My Smart TV?

If you want to delete all the default apps from your smart TV, you will first have to enter the developer mode. To do this, you must go to Settings and then select the Cog-wheel icon. From there, you will have to choose Device Care. Next, you should click on Manage Storage. This will let you remove all the apps that are currently on your TV. Make sure to select a specific app and click on Delete to remove it.

In the Settings page, find the lock/unlock option. This option is located on the home screen and can be found by selecting the lock icon next to an app’s banner image. Selecting this option will bring up a content I’d box that asks for a password to unlock it. You can cancel this window if you are not comfortable entering the password. Then, tap on the “Remove” button. Once the app is removed, it will no longer be available for use. You can add it back later, or hide it if you prefer.

In order to uninstall an unwanted app, you must first open the app and press the Center button. You will see all the apps you have installed on your Samsung Smart TV. To remove a specific app, you will have to select it and then press the “Delete” button. If you do not want to delete an application, you can move it to a side or hide it from the home screen. Finally, tap “Delete” again to remove the app.

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