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How to Pin a Comment on Instagram Live?

When you’re watching a live video on Instagram, you might want to pin some comments so you don’t have to scroll through all of the content to read them. The pin icon is located in the upper right corner of the video, and it can be clicked to add additional text. You can also choose to pin your favorite comment. To pin comments on Instagram, go to your profile and tap the “Live” button.

To pin a comment on Instagram Live, you first need to create an account and login to the app. Once you’re logged in, you can go to the Live tab and tap on Your Story. Next, tap on Comments. A new menu will appear. Select Pin Comment from the menu. This action will pin your comment to the top of the comment section. You can pin as many comments as you want.

Then, open the comment that you want to pin. You should be able to see it with three dots at the top. Select Pin Comment. Then, tap “Pin it” to pin the comment. This will allow you to pin three comments. When you pin more than three comments, you will receive a notification. The pinning process is a fun and effective way to interact with your followers and engage with them.

How Do I Pin a Live Comment?

If you have ever wondered how to pin a live comment on Instagram, read on. Instagram users can pin up to three comments at a time, so that they appear under the photo they are viewing. To pin your comment, tap the pinned tag in the live stream. Your comment will then appear with the pinned tag, and you can choose whether or not you would like it to be featured on the photo.

Once you have pinned a live comment, you can also unpin it. Instagram allows you to pin up to three comments at once, so you can highlight your most positive or newest comments. The pinned comment will appear at the top of the comments list, highlighted in yellow, and the author of the comment will be notified via email. You can also unpin comments by long-pressing them and tapping the “unpin” button.

You can also use pinned comments to let late viewers know the purpose of a live video. For example, you can write a comment about a particular topic or product in your video, and the other users can see it later on. When you’re done live, tap the x icon on the pinned comment to unpin it. By default, pinning comments on Instagram is only available to some users.

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How Do You Pin a Comment on Instagram?

If you have ever wondered how to pin a comment on Instagram live, this article will provide the answer. Instagram allows users to pin comments, which are text posts that appear within Instagram stories. If you want to pin a comment, first login to your Instagram account. Tap on the comment that you want to pin and hold it for a few seconds until a blue bar appears. When you see this blue bar, tap on the pin icon to save the comment.

To pin a comment on Instagram live, swipe left from your video. Tap on the thumb pin icon. Your comment will be pinned to the top of the screen. You can also unpin a comment. This feature is available for three comments. After pinning a comment, you can remove it and post a new one. You can choose to publish the comment in the comments section, if you wish.

What Does Pinned Mean on Instagram Live?

If you are wondering what does ‘Pinned’ mean on Instagram Live, you’re not alone. Most Instagram users don’t understand this terminology. This is because most people only use Instagram on their phones. However, some regions don’t allow users to pin their comments. Thankfully, the app now offers an option for users to pin comments. If you have an iPhone, you can swipe left on the comment to reveal three icons. In the top left corner, you’ll see a pin icon.

“Pinned” is a word that originates from the U.S. It’s used by college guys who want to show their girlfriends that they are going steady. When someone pins a video, it displays a label saying, “Pinned.” If someone pins more than three comments on an Instagram live video, you’ll receive a notification to tell you that you’ve pinned that comment.

Why Can’t I Pin an Instagram Comment?

You might be wondering how to pin an Instagram comment. This is a simple process, but the result can be a drastic change to your post. Pinned comments will generate more engagement, and they also give your audience a positive vibe. To pin a comment on Instagram, first log in to your account. Then, open the comment thread you want to pin, and tap the “View all comments” option.

You can’t pin your own comments, but you can pin other users’ comments. Pinning a comment makes it easier for other people to see your comments and respond. It also makes it easier to moderate communication, and you can easily remove a pinned comment whenever you’d like. To use this feature, you must have a business account with a minimum amount of followers. In addition to this, you must have at least three followers to pin a comment.

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There’s a simple way to pin comments on Instagram. Simply swipe to the left. On the left side of the screen, you’ll see various options to manage comments. You can select from among replying, reporting, and editing your comments. Tap on the “pushpin” icon, located in the leftmost corner of the screen. This will pin the comment to the top of your feed. Moreover, you can also select from the list of comments which are non-violent.

How Do You Pin a Comment on a Post?

There are a few ways to pin comments on Instagram Live. One way is to tap on the “Comments” button on the post. Next, swipe left on a comment to select it. Once pinned, the comment will appear at the top of the comments list. There are three different ways to pin comments. To pin all comments, you must have the latest version of the Instagram app.

While many users prefer to follow up on other users’ posts, Instagram does not let them pin their own comments. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t edit your comments. As long as you can find an appropriate place to pin your comments, you’ll be able to make a difference in your followers’ feeds. By following these two steps, you can quickly make a big impact on your audience.

Once you’ve chosen a comment that you want to pin, swipe left and tap the thumb-pin icon. The comment will then appear at the top of the page. You can pin up to three comments at a time. Once pinned, you can edit the comment and post it later if needed. To unpin comments, just swipe left again and tap the pin icon again. This way, you’ll see all of the comments on the same post.

How Do You Pin on Instagram 2020?

If you’ve ever wanted to post a comment on a live video, you can do so using the app’s feature called “pinning.” To do so, you must first swipe to the left on the comment to reveal three icons. Then click the pin icon in the top right corner. Your comment will be pinned to the top of the comments section. To pin a comment, you need to be following the account in question.

When you’re on Instagram, you’ll see a new feature called “pinned comments.” This is a new feature that will make it easier to promote your posts and get them more views. Pinning comments is available for three comments, so if you have many comments to pin, you’ll want to do it one at a time. Once you’ve pinned a comment, the app will mark it as such and you’ll receive a notification from Instagram.

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In order to pin a comment on Instagram live, you must be following the account of the person who made the post. This way, the comment will appear on the person’s profile, giving you a chance to respond to them. You can also make use of this feature to start conversations. It’s a great way to engage with people and encourage them to follow you on Instagram. Just remember that this new feature is only available in English-speaking countries. The company plans to make it available in other languages in the future.

How Do You Pin a Comment on Instagram 2021?

When posting a live video on Instagram, you can pin a comment that you find particularly useful. These comments will appear on your video for the duration of the live broadcast. This feature has gained popularity among brands, who use pinned comments to attract customers. Here’s how to pin a comment:

First, update your Instagram app. It must be the latest version. Pin a comment with your own picture or video. This will make the comment featured as a hanging notice for all Instagram users. This feature is particularly useful for a post that features follow-up information or an announcement. It will also make it easier for visitors to understand what you are saying. To pin a comment, make sure to update your Instagram app.

Next, go to the comments section of a post on Instagram and swipe left to select “Pin Comment”. Once you pin a comment, it will remain at the top of the thread. The thumbtack icon will appear next to the comment you want to pin. You can pin up to three comments at once. The process is quick and easy. If you want to pin a comment to a post, you must have permission from the owner of the post.

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