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How to Get the STARZ App For Your Samsung Smart TV

Do you own a Samsung Smart TV and want to watch STARZ on your new television? STARZ offers a number of subscription services including its own streaming service, STARZ PLAY. This service is authenticated by Starz, which means that it is the most reliable way to enjoy the service. Users can enjoy STARZ’s original series as well as first-run movies and TV shows. To get the STARZ app for your Samsung Smart TV, you need to install the Nexus Player on your device.

How Do I Download Starz on My Samsung Smart TV?

The first step in downloading Starz to your Samsung smart TV is to activate the app. This will allow you to watch Starz shows on your TV. After activating the app, you will need to switch off other streaming services and use your new subscription. The process is simple and quick. Follow the steps below to download Starz on your Samsung smart television. You can also subscribe to multiple streaming services and still enjoy the same great content as with a cable subscription.