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How To Find My Referral Code On Cash App?

The first step in using Cash App is to find your referral code. The Referral Code section can be found at the bottom of your profile menu. To locate it, tap the profile icon and scroll to the bottom. Then tap the link that says “Referral Code.” Then, type or copy the referral code and hit the enter button. You can also view your cash rewards by clicking on the “Referral” tab and then entering it.

You can easily get your referral code by going to the Cash App website or signing up for the app. Once you’ve signed up, go to the Cash App homepage and click “Referrals”. You can also use the Cash App link to refer people. Once you’ve entered their referral code, you’ll see a box to enter their email address. To get your cash bonus, you’ll need to send $5 within fourteen days of signing up. You’ll need to send them a confirmation text.

Once your referrals sign up, you can send them your unique referral code and earn $15. Simply send the link to a friend and they’ll get an automatic $20. You can find your Cash App referral code by entering the email address of your friend. After you’ve received their payment, you’ll be awarded the $15. You’ll be able to find your code by logging in to the Cash App website.

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