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How To Airplay From An Iphone To A Samsung Tv?

You can now use the AirPlay function on your Samsung Smart TV to stream movies and television shows from your iPhone to the television. To begin, simply connect your iPhone to your television. You can also pair your Samsung TV with your iPhone using Bluetooth. Once paired, the two devices will display the same image on each other. To turn subtitles on or off, tap the screen of the iPhone. To change the audio or video volume, press the corresponding controls on your iPhone.

In order to make Airplay work, you need to connect your iPhone to your Samsung TV using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Next, open the Apple TV app and tap the Apple Airplay icon. On the next screen, select the Samsung TV. On the left, tap the menu item that says “AirPlay” and tap on the settings. Once there, you should see an option called “AirPlay”. Choose this option, and then tap the corresponding button.

Once the iPhone is connected, go to the Samsung TV’s support website to check whether it supports AirPlay. If the TV doesn’t support AirPlay, you may need to use a Lightning-to-HDMI adapter. You can find the adapter at the Apple Store or on Amazon. Once your iPhone is connected, simply plug in the TV with its HDMI cable and your iPhone.

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