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How Can I Dismount A Samsung Wall Flat Screen TV?

How can I dismount a Samsung wall mount? It is not a complicated process, but you will need someone to hold the TV for you while you unscrew the mount pieces. Make sure that you’re holding the TV securely as you pull on the strings. Some mounts have spring locks to prevent them from moving. Others simply require you to remove all of the screws. If you’re unable to dismount the TV by yourself, you may need the assistance of a professional.

If you’re working on a large television, you may need a helper to lift the TV from its mount. Before trying to remove the TV, you must unplug all of the power cables and accessories from the television. If you’re using an electric screwdriver, you can easily adjust the tool to fit behind the television. Be sure to get someone to hold the TV so that you can dismount it.

The next step in dismounting your Samsung wall flat screen TV is to locate the screws and pull strings. The TV should be tilted gently to prevent damaging the wall and floor. When you’re done with this step, the next step is to remove the TV from the wall mount. Then, you’ll need to unplug all cables from the television. Then, use the screwdriver to remove the screws that hold the television to the wall.

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