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Does Apple Make a Big Screen TV?

Until now, Apple has only made one product: a smartphone. However, the company has taken a renewed interest in television. It is working with a leading flat-screen TV manufacturer. According to Bloomberg, Apple plans to release a new flat-screen Apple TV. The device will have specs that are above the competition. The rumored product will …

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How Can I Watch NBa on Apple?

NBa is a new streaming service that was launched by Digiarty Software, a privately held company that specializes in software development. The service focuses on bringing fans games that they normally would not be able to watch on television. The service is available for Canadians as well as U.S. residents, with prices varying between the …

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Will Apple Ever Create a TV?

Despite Apple’s long track record of producing top of the line products, many have wondered if Apple will ever actually create a TV. For one thing, it would be very expensive. Secondly, TVs are fairly long-lived devices. The average lifespan is about ten years. People do not upgrade their TVs too often. In fact, most …

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